Top Chef Contestant at a Top Restaurant: R-Gang Eatery

“Food & Fun, Refueled™” at R-Gang Eatery, a restaurant created and raised by Top Chef contestant and Former Executive Chef at Confidential Restaurant + Loft Rich Sweeney. Searching across the country while attending culinary courses and diving into recipe research and practice, Sweeney discovered the gem of San Diego and cultivated an incredible restaurant in the heart of Hillcrest.



Keeping the restaurant at a gourmet level without the feeling of pretentiousness, R-Gang makes eating fun and serves the highest quality on the same platter. Chef Sweeney produces Retro-American food that modernizes, refreshens, and refuels the classic homemade comfort food. Fresh ingredients are born again into fabulous dishes, without masking the quality with overwhelming sauces or seasonings.



Visit the casual, homelike hybrid of the gang’s clubhouse where the feeling of a family kitchen welcomes you and leaves you walking out with a happy and singing stomach. Visit and check it out yourself!

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One Response to Top Chef Contestant at a Top Restaurant: R-Gang Eatery

  1. servilia1 says:

    They have delicious captain crunch french toast. Just sayin’.

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