Restaurant Spotlight: Napizza

Healthy pizza….is that possible? Napizza mastered the art of making Americans favorite food into a healthy, organic, and light choice! Beginning with the art of Napizza’s unique flour recipe, these pizza chefs forms an ultra-light crispy pizza that has a high protein content and less sugar to form the foundation of the organic ingredients that will leave your tummy feeling happy and satisfied.


Napizza supports leaf eaters with their fresh organic salad bar, uniquely crafted by their nutritionist to provide the most healthy and tasty options for any salad enthusiast. Napizza works closely with sustainable and organic suppliers, to support the local community and get the most fresh ingredients possible! These include Suzies Farm, McGrath Family Farm, Rutiz family farms, Coastal Range Organics, Jaime Farms and Mike and Son Eggs Ranch.

napizza market

Not only does Napizza provide simple quality food, they believe in sustainability and the importance of responsibility to our earth. Napizza composts and recycles, is green certified, support local farms and suppliers, and provides food not only for a healthy meal but a healthy lifestyle.

Napizza’s 72 hour rise, slow bake square pizzas provides the community of Little Italy with a healthy cut of an Italian lifestyle that is hard to turn down–the pizza al-taglo in its large rectangular form is synonymous with high quality Italian street food.

napizza 2


Want a taste? Visit Napizza’s website or go on a Downtown/Little Italy Bite Food Tour and experience these fabulous pizzas for yourself!

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