Group tours in San Diego for Team Building and Bonding

When you have a group of people to keep entertained, what can you do with them? How about bringing your group to take a bite out of San Diego with us? A food tour around some of our city’s best food districts is a great bonding experience. Wedding parties or workplace groups, whatever you have to plan, come and plan it with Bite San Diego. We can make your day exciting, stress-free, and at the end, everyone will have had an experience to remember.

A culinary paradise

San Diego is quickly becoming known all over the country and the world as a culinary paradise. It is an easy guarantee that everyone in your group loves food, and our walking tours will not disappoint. We have great restaurants all over the city and each of our walking tours stop in at least five of them. At the restaurant, you will be able to sample some of their best dishes while learning a little about the history of the restaurant and the type of cuisine that it specializes in. It’s a lot of food, but it’s not, if you know what we mean. You get a small portion at each restaurant, so you won’t be too full to keep on going through the rest of the restaurant on the itinerary—but you will be satisfied by the end of it.

Private groups

Our tours are fun for an afternoon getaway with you and your friends, but we can also arrange private tours for your bigger group. If you are organizing something for a group of wedding guests, or maybe a big birthday party or a team building exercise in San Diego, we can build something for you that is just right. The best part of it is that there is almost no planning. You just have to let Bite San Diego know about the details and we will take care of the rest.

Where do we go?

Group tours in San Diego for Team Building and Bonding

There are a variety of different tours on our list of itineraries. You can choose the Little Italy district, which takes your group through some of the ethnic restaurants in the downtown district; the Coronado tour takes you around candy shops, and ice cream shops as well as Mexican and Pacific restaurants. One of the oldest districts in the city, the North Park tour will have a lot of fun, historical facts to share. On each of the tours, you will walk a distance of only one or two kilometers (0.6-1.2 miles) in total—just enough to get your appetite ready for the next stop.

Bonding experience

As a bonding or team building experience, these tours are perfect. They last about 3 – 4 hours, and are completely relaxed. They let people mingle and get to know different people on the tour because there is so much moving around. You can walk with one person, and then sit beside another one at another restaurant.

Here at Bite San Diego, we an inexpensive, convenient way to manage your group event. Call us today, and let us help you create a memorable day that everyone in your group will enjoy.

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