Get to Know San Diego’s Little Italy

Not only is Little Italy a fabulous neighborhood to go on a Bite Food Tour, but a historical, cultural and familial community that brings the delightful spirit of Italy to America. San Diego’s Little Italy is one of the few Italian neighborhoods in the country that has prospered and maintained a stable ethnic business and residential community, flourishing since the 1920’s. There was a point in time when there was more than 6,000 Italian families living in the district of Little Italy, building San Diego as the center of the world’s tuna industry!



Not only is there a thriving Italian business market in Little Italy, there are many wonderful restaurants to satisfy all your Italian pasta, pizza and wine needs! One of our favorites is Isola Pizza and Wine bar, a stop on our Downtown/Little Italy Bite Food Tour.



Got a sweet tooth? Head to the Italian delicacy shop Cafe Zucchero to obtain the best Italian pastries, cannolies, chocolates and more. Bite into warm Italian panini sandwiches on a lunch break and discover the heavenly taste of Italy in one bite.



Not convinced?



cafe zucchero 2


That’s more like it! Bite Food Tourists rave about Cafe Zucchero, Isola Pizza Bar and the many other restaurants on the Downtown/Little Italy tour. Pizza, gelato, pastries, paninis, wine…how can you go wrong?

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