A Food Tour and Fun Things to Do in San Diego

If you’ve come to San Diego for a short break, but have some time to spare—what should you do? What about a different scenario, when you have planned out an entire entertainment trip through California, but forgot to do your research on American’s finest city, San Diego—where should you go? Yes, there are the beaches, sports events, the bright sunshine, and the zoo—all definitely, worthy of your attention—but there is something often overlooked. While our Californian gem has plenty to offer, one part of the fun scene that should definitely be on your list is the food. It is not just great, it is San Diego great.

This could make for a long day…

One way to go about taking in the spectacular food scene of San Diego would be just wandering around and visiting cafes and restaurants at random. This could be a good method to prospect the city for the general feel of what it is like, but most probably, you will not get a deep appreciation of why people say ‘food’ when you ask them about their San Diego experience.

Besides, how would you know where to go and which places would make a good mix? How natural would it feel to go in, try just one item on the menu, and move on? Who would tell you about the neighborhoods and the stories behind the particular foodie routes? How easy would it be to take pictures, get behind the scenes of the best venues, meet the chef and the owners, and find out more about what makes their dishes ‘click’? To put it briefly, it is probably not so easy, we are guessing.

On the other hand, you could opt for a great day of fun instead

If aimlessly wandering around and popping into food venues at random doesn’t sound like the best plan for you, we have the solution: try one of our famous food tours in San Diego. We are the first to admit that taking in the whole San Diego food scene in one or two days is practically impossible. Instead of attempting that, why not choose from one of our diverse tours—Little Italy, Old Town, Coronado or La Jolla—and see where that takes you? Bite San Diego’s walking tours offer something outside of the same old list of fun things to do in San Diego.

A Food Tour And Fun Things To Do In San Diego

The memories you will gather from taking in the great weather, the people, and the venues and, last but not least, the food, of course, will last for a long time, and it will have you coming back for more. Over the years, we at Bite San Diego have received only positive feedback on how it feels to be on one of our tours as opposed to trying to do the guesswork and haphazardly try foods here and there. Our guides are knowledgeable, funny, and friendly (and they don’t walk too fast). Let them guide you to the best of the best food, scenery and entertainment in San Diego. You won’t regret it.

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