The Headquarters

Police-Officer-Motorcycles_Fotor_FotorThe Headquarters is the recently restored old San Diego Police Station which was shut down over thirty years ago. Reopened this week, occupied by tons of new restaurants and shops The Headquarters is a great new addition to downtown San Diego and Seaport Village. Built in 1939, the building’s architecture mirrors a Spanish mission with an open floor plan encouraging circulation, traffic flow, and social engagement. The unexpected mix of styles, including Classical Revival, Churriqueresque, Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean Revival, and Pueblo Deco conjures the magic of a romantic Mediterranean get-a-way. This inspired architectural and functional design has earned it a listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and establishes The Headquarters as a one of a kind project that can never be duplicated. True to its legacy as part of San Diego culture, this reinvented landmark is poised to become the premiere destination for dining, shopping and entertainment on the waterfront.

The original building opened with, five courtrooms, an emergency hospital, an indoor shooting range, jail, law library and huge maintenance garage. The character of this original structure can be seen today in the exquisite detail and felt in the authentic spirit of the surrounding environment.

The-Headquarters-San-Diego-Opening it’s doors again for the first time in decades last week The Headquarters will house several restaurants and shops new to downtown San Diego. This link will show you the layout of the new Headquarters. Now that The Headquarters is open it is sure to be a BIG hit with locals as well as visitors of San Diego.



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  1. haridasgowra says:

    Nice night end! powerful lightings! feels good!
    Tanx 4 this post!

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