Restaurant Spotlight: Subterranean Coffee Boutique

Restaurant Spotlight: Subterranean Coffee Boutique – North Park


Nestled in the heart of North Park is the Subterranean Coffee Boutique, an
eclectic and trendy space that puts a new spin on your friendly
neighborhood coffee shop. Consistent with the up-and-coming hipster vibe
of the community, the Subterranean Coffee Boutique is a fun and funky
place to grab a cup of coffee with friends or get a little work done while
listening to music.

Looking at the menu of this unique coffee shop will make you feel like
you’ve just hit the jackpot.  There is a wide variety of coffee and tea,
everything from your classic cup of java to a unique blend that the owners
are calling the “Keith Richards” (4 shots of espresso with hot
chocolate!).  For those who have already had their daily caffeine fix, the
menu also offers smoothies, flavored lemonades, and delicious sandwiches,
all at a VERY reasonable price.

Featured in the San Diego Reader, the Subterranean Coffee Boutique is
described as a “great place to hang out”, full of “friendly staff.”  The
coffee boutique is especially known for sourcing all of their staple
ingredients from local producers in support of the surrounding community.

Not only does the Subterranean Coffee Boutique offer any type of coffee or
blended drink imaginable, it also attracts its customers through trendy
decor and a warm vibe.  Gather up some friends or venture out on your own,
because you’ll want the Subterranean Coffee Boutique to be the first stop
on your Bite San Diego tour.

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