Ice Cream Goes Gourmet

Say goodbye to dripping cones and sticky bowls – traditional ice cream is getting a makeover. Bardot offers us a neat alternative: gourmet ice cream bars. Although according to the company, “we don’t sell ice cream bars. We sell Love. On a stick.”

So how does “love on stick” translate into a menu? Bardot’s “Classic Collection” opts for items such as “Honey I’m Home” (cookies and cream ice cream made with authentic heavy cream and covered with 60% dark Belgian chocolate) while the “Bardot Collection” has offerings like “The Scarlet Letter,” (Three layers: 60% dark Belgian chocolate ice cream, 40% milk Belgian chocolate ice cream, and white Belgian chocolate ice cream. covered in white and dark chocolate). For the younger crowd, the “Kids Collection” sticks to simpler ingredients, for instance “My First Steps” (fresh milk ice cream covered with milk chocolate).

Still not sure what to make of the fancy fare? Let’s see what the experts have to say:

“Bardot’s slogan is Love on a Stick and they couldn’t have tagged themselves more perfectly. These all-natural gourmet ice cream bars are a unique twist on specialty desserts and are guaranteed to be a success. Whether to cool off while strolling the beaches of La Jolla or to treat your friends to a gourmet dessert at your next gathering, Bardot is a must try this Summer.”Full Circle Foodie

“Boutique ice cream shop brings sexy back to La Jolla.”La Jolla Patch 

“Now forget everything that comes to mind when I say ‘ice cream shop’ because Bardot is unlike any other one that I’ve been to! First off, no scoops! All Bardot ice cream comes as a whimsical, handmade bar on a stick (or as they say, LOVE on a stick). Secondly, the interior is more what you’d expect from an exclusive lounge than an ice cream parlor: boudoir color scheme, gorgeous extra’s, and even a hidden love seat for two. And last, but certainly not least, the ice cream bars are gourmet perfection, including sweetly sinister flavors.”Treat Yourself San Diego

The critics seem to be in agreement – Bardot Bars are a success. Check out the full menu and tell us what flavor you would try first! 

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One Response to Ice Cream Goes Gourmet

  1. Thanks for the quote, now following your blog! Bardot is definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

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