San Diego Lafayette Hotel and Imig’s Kitchen And Bar

The San Diego Lafayette Hotel, formerly named the Imig Manor after owner Larry Imig, was originally opened on July 6, 1946 and was built at a cost of $2 million dollars. It was officially known as the playground of the movie stars which catered specifically to celebrity clientele, and Bob Hope is known as one of the first and most frequent guests here. Hotelier and San Diego Chargers owner Conrad Hilton purchased the hotel sometime in the mid 1950’s and removed all remnants of Imig from the hotel. Later in 2004 Hampstead Lafayette purchased the hotel and with the help of the San Diego Redevelopment Agency and the State of California, a $6 million renovation was completed in 2011.

Imig’s Kitchen & Bar, located in the north end of the lobby, started out with small plates and simple entrees and is anything but that today. With an updated menu that caters to just about any food lover; American cuisine met with a relaxed and inviting ambiance gives this modern restaurant a comfortable feel with a whole lot of class.

The newly updated menu represents the true tastes of mid-century American cooking with a unique ingredients and pairings.

breakfast sandwichBreakfast items like the always delicious Pork Belly Eggs Benedict with a side of grits and fruit are already a perennial favorite among patrons. Morning goers also opt for traditional dishes like Belgian Waffles or a Breakfast Sandwich to satisfy that hearty breakfast hankering. The dinner menu is nothing short of spectacular either with hearty dishes like the pot roast or the “4-hour beer braised pork shoulder.” Some prefer to go a little more “outside the box” with the Ox Tail (pictured to the right)ox tail and Leeks Ravioli with a homemade white sauce. And you couldn’t possibly eat all this delectable food without pairing a fine glass of wine or a craft cocktail either. Home to everything from an Old Fashioned to an Apple Pie Mule to homemade Absinthe, you can be sure that whatever you drink you won’t find much anywhere else.old fashion

Be sure to check out Imig’s Kitchen & Bar and all the other fabulous restaurants on the Bite San Diego El Cajon Boulevard tour!

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