Spotlight: Spike’s Africa

Spike Africa is the newest addition to the Downtown/Little Italy tour and highlights the fresh seafood culture that exemplifies San Diego. The name “Spike Africa” has become popular in sea folklore tales and can better be attributed to the “President of the Pacific Ocean.” It originated from a devout seaman and expert sailor of the West Coast and Pacific Ocean, Philip Marion Africa. He later got his name Spike, from a rigging tool used in sailing, and it stuck with him ever since. Spike Africa takes you on a culinary adventure of fresh seafood shaped by Master Chef Paul Rinaudo.

Of course they are well known for their seafood which is sourced fresh from local fish markets and fisherman. The Poke Bowl with Mango (pictured here) is sure to release a burst of seafood deliciousness to satisfy the sweet taste of island flavor.

If you’re looking for a great place to hang out and save a little cash then check out their Happy Hour, Spike’s favorite time of the day! One of best Happy Hours in all of downtown, you can order oysters for only a $1! That’s right, “a buck a shuck”

If you’re looking for something lighter and more health conscious you can opt for one of their gluten-free entrees. Their grilled shrimp lettuce cups are a huge favorite on the 600 Club Menu as well as the Ginger Chicken Skewers.

Check out Spike Africa, along with the rest of our favorite hot spots on Bite San Diego’s Downtown tour!

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