Spotlight: Tiger! Tiger!

If you’ve ever made your way to Blind Lady Ale House and Automatic Brewing Co. then you will be in heaven at Tiger! Tiger! in North Park. Stemming from the creators of the aforementioned locations, Tiger! Tiger! incorporates locally sourced food and craft beer, each a North Park staple. By looking at the menu, choosing an option is far from easy but they always recommend the wood-fired bahn mi sandwich with pork belly (a local favorite and must-try for first timers).

If pork isn’t your first choice then have a go at one of their vegetarian dishes like the mushroom lentil sandwich (shown below) or a tofu bahn mi sandwich with Shiitake marinade.

Of course you want to wash any delicious fare down with a pint (or two) of delicious local craft beer so be sure and scour their extensive list of artisan brews. If you’re strictly there for the beer head out back to the IPA bar and sample a few from one of San Diego’s many local breweries.

Tiger! Tiger! along with many other renowned restaurants are all available on the Bite San Diego North Park food tour!

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