Spotlight: Ohana Cafe

Hawaii: beaches, hula dancing, and … amazing BBQ. You don’t have to go to Hawaii for that Hawaiian barbecue experience, however. (And, while we can’t say San Diego is the capital of hula, we would argue that our beaches give HI a run for its money.)

Head to the Ohana Cafe for authetic, Hawaiian barbecue.

Chicken teriyaki plate.

Chicken teriyaki plate

Seared Ahi Tuna Plate

Seared Ahi Tuna Plate

Spam musabi

Spam Musabi

Yes, that last picture was a Spam dish.ย Guam consumes the most spam in the world with Hawaiians as a close second. American servicemen originally brought Spam in their rations to the island and it became a crucial protein source for the local population when fishing was outlawed during WWII. And it’s still a popular menu item and ingredient. In 2005 alone, Hawaiins ate 5 million cans of Spam!ย 

The last dish pictured, Spam musabi, featuresย a slice of fried Spamin rice enveloped in a strip of nori. This snack found its way onto Hawaiian menus in the 1980’s and can still be found today!

Check out this restaurant and more on the La Jolla version of Bite San Diego’s food tour!

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