Date Night: 101

Food Tours: a new way to take a stroll about town.


 The perfect date night “go to” has arrived… the Food Tour!! Finally there is a solution to the first date awkwardness and “honey we have eaten there a thousand times” retort. So much time is invested in making sure every detail is “just right” that many times, the key to a perfect date is forgotten. FUN!

After picking the perfect outfit and making sure your breath doesn’t belong in a dragon’s mouth, why stress about where to go?  Why not combine all of the great things about getting to know a person in one! There is a lot to be said about another’s taste in food.

d0ea200b5f452bb4da6f60573567db15We say here at Bite, “true love is when taste buds align”.

 Meander through your favorite part of town and get to try those restaurants you have been meaning to stop by, all the while chatting with your lovely date.  And if that awkward silence arrives… don’t sweat! The rest of the group can come to the rescue. Bite currently offers food tours in:

Down Town/ Little Italy


North Park

 La Jolla




Don’t forget to check out Bite on Yelp and Trip Advisor!

And in case you are still worrying about what to wear..


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