Restaurant Spotlight: Salt & Cleaver


Here at Bite San Diego we are always looking for the next big “thing”, what’s really shaking things up in San Diego?  As new restaurant’s open or close on every corner it’s important to stay “in the know” and because of this, we choose Salt & Cleaver as one of Hillcrest’s hottest new establishments.

A closer look: 


Salt & Cleaver is an artisan sausage-dining concept that was inspired by the 1860’s industrial Chicago.  This new dining concept is seen not only in the décor of the restaurant but also reflected perfectly in their menu.  They dare challenge the “foodie’s” thoughts of the everyday sausage with their blend of technique and quality products (fresh from Suzie’s farm).  It is easy to say Salt & Cleaver have encompassed Chicago’s booming meat industry creating a mini “porkopolis” in our Hillcrest neighborhood.

Not a sausage fan? No need to fret!

 Salt & Cleaver has specially curated craft beer that would satisfy every palate. With a huge selection of craft beer (20 on tap and 30 in the bottle), as well as specialty spirits and cocktails, Salt & Cleaver puts both the “hip” and “stir” in hipster.


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