Restaurant Recognition: Cups in La Jolla

Within the 7 miles of the curving coastline in the affluent seaside community of La Jolla, lies fabulous beaches, fabulous resorts, fabulous people, and most of all fabulous food. The classy neighborhood of La Jolla brings a stylish and chic atmosphere that contains even better food to fuel the souls of the dapper population. What attracts the hearts of citizens of La Jolla the most? CUPCAKES at the organic cupcake shop, Cups!


Featured in USA Today’s Green Living Publication, Cups is featured in the cover story of “A Clean Plate” highlighting the energetic, organic, and kid-friendly lounge of this marvelous cupcake shop. This retro modern lounge has free wifi, a pup patio for your beloved pooch, strawberry milk “on tap”, and best of all a large variety of cupcakes for all palates and diets!

cups cupcake

Along with 12 favorite flavors freshly baked every day of the week, Cups has a large variety of intricate vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, and low glycemic index cupcakes for everyone. Cupcakes include treats such as Vanilla Vixen, Minty Wonderland, Limone Ricotta, Nuts over Chocolate, and many more.

Not only does Cups provide a cake for every sweet tooth in town, Cups attracts the La Jolla chef by offering intimate, hands-on, culinary cooking classes for beginners and experiences chefs of all ages! Gather a group of friends together and learn how to cook with the produce from local farms in Suzies Farm-to-table Class.


Upcoming Classes

January 17, 6:00 pm Everyday Peruvian With Monica Szepesy of Q’eroFamily recipes full of flavorful dishes including Fish Ceviche, Lomo Saltado (Sautéed steak with onions tomatoes French fries and Peruvian spices) and Aji de Gallina (creamy chicken dish in Peruvian chili sauce).

January 26, 11:00 am Suzie’s Farm-to-Table Class: Learn how to cook with the produce from local farms!Using fresh and local ingredients from Suzie’s farm in San Diego to cook healthy meals for all ages.

February 2, 6:00 pm Mold Skool 101: Curds and Whey. Explore the art of milk crafting and cheese making in your own home, learning the steps for successful mold and cheese making along with tastes of Spring Hill’s most popular cheeses.

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