Bite SD Tour Now in Julian!

The last time we opened a tour was in Hillcrest last summer and now we’re glad to say that we’ve expanded to Julian! We had our first actual tour this past weekend and can’t express how excited we are for all of our restaurant stops.

Here they are, below:

  • Buffalo Bills – Buffalo burgers and sliders homemade from a family owned cafe
  • Blue door winery – Julian’s newest winery store, owned by Marc and Cameron, with a straightforward, natural approach to winemaking:
  • Julian Candy Basket – Truly, you’ll feel as happy as a kid in a candy store at this Julian candy emporium
  • Candied Apple Pastry – “Impeccable to the Core” baked delights by Executive Pastry Chef Charles Scott:
  • Julian Tea and Cottage Arts – Elegant tea and tasty tea bites served in a charming turn-of-the-century home:
  • Bailey BBQ – Named after a Confederate vet who came West after the war, Bailey BBQ is Julian’s hot spot for live music, rustic BBQ, and local beers:

Sure enough we have a busy summer ahead of us – and boy oh boy is it filled with a lot of scrumptious dishes and drinks!

Buy tickets here or call Zerve at 800-979-3370 to reserve your spot!

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