Cafe Zucchero: A Must-Visit Cafe

According to Shannon Larson, a’s commenter, people like to sit in cafes drinking coffee and using their computers, rather than just doing that at home for many reasons.

“Cafes came into vogue around the time of the French Revolution. Cafes were a space where thinkers (i.e., people with enough excess wealth to be able to afford to spend all day drinking coffee as opposed to working) could gather to discuss philosophy, politics, sociology, or whatever other ideas might be in vogue. The caffeine stimulated discussion,” wrote Larson.

“At a cafe, you are paying for the relaxing space, away from home and office clutter, away from at-home or at-work distractions, which can result in very productive environment in which to do work. Since this may be true of other people in the cafe as well, you are likely to be surrounded by diligent workers, which can reinforce productivity habits.”

Joe and Frank Busalacchi created an Italian Cafe’-style concept called Cafe Zucchero. With servings of casual and spirited food, you’re inclined to come back for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They’re open daily starting at an early 7:30 a.m. so catch a quick bite before your work and activities. Diners are found enjoying coffee and sumptuous desserts created by pastry maker Frank who was trained by a Sicilian master.

So, why not visit Cafe Zucchero with us on a Bite San Diego tour?

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