Wines and Champagne, Cheers to Staying!

Back in Dec. 2011, Fox reporter, Tracy Byrnes gathered some generalizations about some wine trends for 2012.

Byrnes reported that Ray Isle, executive wine editor, of FOOD & WINE magazine stated that “lightly sweet red wines have been gaining popularity among wine consumers. They’re not labeled ‘sweet,’ but they’re basically red blends from California that have a little extra residual sugar so they appeals to younger people who’ve been drinking soda and are now starting to think, ‘hey, what about wine?’”

Champagne was also predicted to do well since “sales are up 15% from last year [2010], volume is up too, according to Isle. Maybe it’s a sign that people feel more like celebrating than they did in the past couple of years” and that Moscato would have a huge boom in California with its affordable prices.

The Wine Cabana is actually one of the restaurants on our Bite San Diego Old Town tour. Click to view their list of wines and food menu.

They’re open seven days a week:
Monday – Thursday, 5pm to 10pm
Friday & Saturday, 4pm to Midnight
Sunday, 4pm to 10pm

So why not try them out at the Bite San Diego Old Town tour? Sign up here.

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