Comfort Food With a Twist?

Yep, this is a predicted San Diego restaurant trend for 2012. According to this article, comfort food will remain a top priority among food service providers, but to appease demanding foodies, they’ll serve it up with a twist. Restaurants are expected to promote more ethnic, artisan and wood-fired items, for example, as opposed to dishes inspired by less-familiar, edgier global cuisines. Will some of our Bite San Diego restaurants will be following this trend the new year?

Here are some of the other predicted trends:

  • Rustic fare made in-house: That’s another way of saying that operators, faced with rising commodity costs, will focus on simple preparations using less expensive cuts of meats, along with more beans, grains and produce that’s not already chopped and diced.
  • Local sourcing: There will be a rising use of seasonal and local items.
  • Social networking: Consumers will be increasingly drawn to the opinions of friends and peers, as opposed to professional marketers.
  • Customers want more information: They’re looking for disclosure of everything from calories and allergens on menus to labor and local-sourcing practices.
  • Operators will resist discounting: They’ll turn to creative, more spontaneous promotions to reward their best customers, such as a free dessert.
  • Brands expand through flexible formats: Restaurants will need to embrace flexibility, switching gears from fast casual to full-service, and being able to add in catering during slow times.

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