The Coronado Bridge

Before the official ground breaking of the Coronado bridge in 1967, there had been 9 failed to attempts to construct the bridge dating back to 1926. Attempts spanned from proposed under water tunnels to a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge. Names like John D. Spreckels, who once owned the Union Tribune Publishing Co. and North Island, and Thomas Sharp, founder of Sharp Hospitals, were once attached to the project.

After much controversy and debate, the Coronado bridge opened at midnight on August 3rd, 1969, which marked the 200 anniversary of the founding of San Diego. The bridge, which cost $50 million, is 2 miles long and spans 5 lanes. It was uniquely designed with an 80 degree curve toward San Diego and a maximum height of 200 feet in order to allow navy ships to pass under.

Over 34,000 vehicles travel over the bridge a day.

Did you know? The bridge is painted year-round with a specially designed long-lasting blue paint. The paint was created specifically for the Coronado bridge, since blue paint at the time would corrode and fade quickly.

Donโ€™t forget to snap a few pictures of the bridge before you head out on the tour!

Check out Bite San Diego

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