This Year’s Food Trends

Bite San Diego food tour offers big, bold, bite-filled tours, taking you inside the restaurants that have impacted and made San Diego’s culinary scene what it is and where it’s going.

Andrew Freeman is an industry tend watcher. His company, Andrew Freeman & Company, advises restaurants and hotels on marketing and public relations campaigns. Here are a few of their predicted trends for this year:

• The Pie’s the Limit: Move over cupcake, make way for pie, as pies in all sizes move from the state fair to seriously craveable fare. Decadence is endless with everything from savory, sweet, individual deep-fried pies, bite-sized minis and even pies blended into shakes.

• You’re the One: Single-purpose restaurants are serving variations on one thing. Don’t be surprised to see the Peanut Butter Palace, French Dippity Dog or even the Big Biscuit, serving biscuit sandwiches and eggs Benedict, opening soon.

• Ahhhh Veg Out: Even meat-minded chefs are vegging out as flexitarianism goes mainstream. Meatless Mondays and vegetable-based tasting menus are gaining traction as guests realize it’s not all about the meat on the plate.

• Press Junk-It: Munchies are moving to the forefront as chefs reinvent junk food in gourmet ways. We’re waiting to see what talented chefs come up with as they reinterpret favorite junk treats.

• Cultural Integration: Yogurt moves from snack to staple as it takes leading roles in sauces, dips, spreads and desserts. Expect to see it in new forms, including sun-dried, freeze-dried, smoked and pressed, as well as cultural variations like skyr (from Iceland) and labne (from Lebanon).

• Swede Inspiration: Thanks to Noma and Nordic innovation, northern ingredients and culinary trends are headed south.

Read about more restaurant trends for 2011 in this article.

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