Absinthe Minded

In early twentieth-century bohemian France,ย Absinthe, the 161-proof green liquor is said to have inspired euphoria in its drinkers and was the liquor of choice among many of the era’s artists and writers. Absinthe’s hallucinatory effects are legendary, being nicknamed “La Fee Vert” (The Green Fairy) because of the signature green tint and licorice flavor. Its popularity spread like wildfire all throughout Europe and America, but was banned at the height of Prohibition in the early 20th century. Eight years into the 21st century, absinthe arrived in San Diego after the U.S. government legalized the spirit in 2008, giving exclusive licenses to two distributors.

As one of the first restaurants to host the Green Fairy, Currant cleverly showcases their exclusive cocktails with their new event, “Absinthe-minded” – an experience reminiscent of the old world upgraded with a fresh twist of modernity. The ironically named French brand Lucid Absinthe is served in shots, cocktails, or by traditional bottle service.

Buy your tickets for Bite San Diego food tour and enjoy a taste of Currant Brasserie.

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