Gourmet to Go

When the food truck trend became a full-blown craze a few years back in Los Angeles, foodies from all around jumped on board to get a bite of the meals on wheels.Now it seems you can’t look down a street in San Diego without seeing one of many food trucks parked along the curb, constantly accompanied by a stretch of pedestrians eagerly waiting for their next bite like a pack of wolves. This infatuation has become a national affair, starring in shows like Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” and taking over websites devoted entirely to tracking down the nearest truck.

These mobile San Diego restaurants have galvanized a movement of fresh and innovatively made foods, from Korean-Mexican fusions to desserts on-the-go. Some fans dedicate themselves to following one favorite roach coach, while other foodies jump from truck to truck. Whichever category you find yourself falling into, following the trucks on Twitter ensures you’re in on their latest locations. Discovering a new food truck is like finding out the latest best-kept secret of our city—you’ll be tempted to keep it all to yourself, but it won’t be long before you’re convincing everyone you know to become a follower, too.

Indigo Grill [a restaurant along Bite San Diego Food Tour] chef, Deborah Scott, has her own food truck called Chop Sooey. The signature sandwich, El Pignini piles together both roasted ham and pork into one delicious bite. Walk away with some curly tail fries covered in fried onions and bits of pork, or a plate of carnitas tacos or BBQ pork wings. The truck carries a bit of every flavor, from American to Asian Fusion to Mexican.


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